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Welcome to A Girls' Best Friends Artisan Jewelry Store!

A Girls' Best Friends specializes in designing and handcrafting couture artisan gemstone jewelry;  all gemstones are real, and my glass focal beads are handtorched by individual lampwork artisans.   Each jewelry set is a one-of-a-kind creation... so, whichever "jewel" you decide upon, you will be the only one with the rights to that design... Enjoy!

A Girls' Best Friends was started with the concept of providing high-quality, one-of-a-kind jewelry creations, primarily for career and evening accessorizing (although, you will find yourself wanting to wear my designs on other ocassions as well).   I am currently focusing on designing  necklace/earring sets that enable a woman to go from the workplace, to board and business meetings, conferences, and on into the evening for dinners, special presentations, and even those special events that require a bit more "sparkle".

Within my Jewelry Store, you will discover Artisan gemstone jewelry  utilizing premium quality precious and semi-precious gemstones and natural stones.  My designer creations are not just beautiful, non-trendy baubles... they are superior quality, and utilize the finest components available.  Each piece is individually conceived, designed and handcrafted.  Particular attention is paid to the "wearability" of the design... in other words, A Girls' Best Friends considers the size, weight, feel and drape, of each jewelry set so that the customer will feel comfortable wearing our creations for extended periods of time - an important factor to consider in the workplace.   In order to achieve this, I search for and procure the most beautiful components with which to construct your jewelry investment.   Additionally, should you desire or require adjustments in sizing, such as length of necklace or earrings, I am happy to accomodate  your wishes.

A Girls' Best Friends Artisan Gemstone Jewelry is owned and run by a Self-Representing Jewelry Artisan.  All jewelry shown and for sale on this site is individually handcrafted,,, each gemstone personally and individually selected... each finished product individually made, and one of a kind.  A Girls' Best Friends does not engage in reselling jewelry; does not mass produce jewelry, finished or otherwise, nor does it sell items on behalf of other artists.  This is the meaning of the term "Self-Representing Jewelry Artisan". 

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To view currently available items, click on the tabs at the top of the page labeled "Jewelry Store", or "Lampwork Jewelry";   they will take you to the chosen page to preview, and, if you wish, purchase any item you see there through the provided shopping cart system - this system allows purchasing one item at a time.  An alternative method to purchase items is to use the sidebar to the right of all site pages... these items may will take you directly to my Shopping Cart and allow you to view those items full page by clicking the image and you may purchase multiple items.

Alternate views of items available for sale can be seen in the Jewelry Gallery.  While there are also photographs of items that have either been sold already, or not posted yet, you will definitely be able to see other views of the items available for sale in the Jewelry Store. 




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